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  • Hyrdo Pole Excavation
  • Daylighting Utilities
  • Trenching
  • Drill Support
  • Drain Flushing
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Utility Installation



Hydro • Water • Gas • Telecommunications • municipal  Commercial • Residential


Hand digging can be slow and costly, losing valuable time when you need to maintain or repair pipelines or locate underground structures during construction. Our powerful hydrovac trucks, are customized to service the most complicated terrains and locations, and work in tandem with our trained and certified operators to safely uncover the underground the utilities you need serviced.

Hydro excavation has become one of the most commonly used tools in the construction industry simply becasue they are safer, more time efficient and a cost effective way to excavate around today’s maze of underground utilities. Damage prevention and environmental liability are other important reasons to use hydrovac as your primary source of excavation.


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Sewer Flushing is a pipe cleaning technique that properly releases any clogs in your drain or sewer line. This method of cleaning uses high pressure streams of water to remove build up and debris in sewers and drain lines. This water pressure ELIMINATES tree roots, grease, sand, and sediment that has built up in your drains 100% of the time! Hydro jetting removes stubborn clogs easily!

  • Sewer Maintenance
  • Root Removal
  • Soft Blockage Removal
  • Sand / Gravel Removal
  • Grease Removal

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Quality Underground Soultions Inc. is located in Goderich, ON and has been servicing Southwestern Ontario since 2004. We provide Hydro Excavating, Sewer Flushing and Utility Installation, among other services.